Why youtube has problem?

Why my mobile is not supporting YouTube today? I see a lot of post from the people in their device also not working. Is that not working everywhere?

आयरल्याण्डमा एक सन्कि ब्यक्ति द्बारा पसलमा दर्जनौ रक्सिको बोतलहरु तोडफोड

आयरल्याण्डमा एक व्यक्तिले सुपर मार्केटमा मास्क लगाउन आग्रह गरेपछि त्यसलाइ अस्विकार गर्दै  स्टोरमा वाईन र ह्विस्किका बोतलहरू फालेका छन । हिजो एक मानिसलाई ड्रोगेडाको वेस्ट स्ट्रीटमा टेस्कोमा तोडफोड गरिएको फुटेज सार्बजानिक गरिएको थियो । ग्राहाम म्याककर्मकलाई बर्ष ३३ लाइ घटना पछि आपराधिक क्षति गरेको आरोप लगाइएको थियो फुटेजले व्यक्तिलाई वाइन र व्हिस्कीका बोतलहरुलाई भुइँमा फाल्दै […]

Huawei Lunches Mate 40 5G mobile phone

चिनियाँ टेक जायन्ट हुवावेले बिहीबार एक विश्वव्यापी अनलाइन कार्यक्रमको क्रममा आफ्नो-नानोमिटर किरीन series 9००० चिपहरू बोक्ने सब भन्दा शक्तिशाली फ्ल्यागशिप मेट series M40 श्रृंखला सुरू गरेको छ । यो हुवावेको third generation 5G मोबाइल फोन हो । केही दिन अगाडि मात्र एप्पलले आफ्नो पहिलो 5 G मोबाईल फोन Iphone 12 सार्वजनिक गरेको थियो ।

Chandragupta Maurya (Episode 128 May 10 2019)

Chandragupta maurya is popular Indian TV series. This TV series shows how the Chandra Dynasty came to power defeating Nanda Dynasty in history of India. Chanakya who is very powerful thinker and teacher of Chandragupta bring young boy to power. Teaching his ideas and using his diplomacy Chanakya reached in his goal to established Maurya […]

Nepal Vs Zimbabwe Cricket 2018

Nepal choose fielding first in play against Zimbabwe at Bulawayo on Sunday Match. This is very first match of the Tournament. The top two team will be qualified  for their next world cup. This match is very important for Nepal to win to keep up their hope for World Cup and also to show the […]

Nepal Vs UAE Feb 27

Nepal and UAE is going to play warm up match Today. Both team has to perform their best to qualify for World Cup. Top 2 of the tournament can reach the world cup. But it is not that easy for both team. Afganistan, Ireland and Zimbabwe are the test cricket team. Today, Nepalese team squad […]

Juventus Vs Tottenham Hotspur 2-2 draw 13 Feb

Tottenham brilliant came back to draw in their first leg of round-16 Champion league with Juventus in away match. In just 9 minutes of starting of the game Argentine Striker Gonzalo Higuain score two goals. He score very nice goal in volley in the second minute of the game and another in Penalty in 9 […]

Ronaldo Hat-Trick against Real Sociedad

Christiano Ronaldo five times Ballon d’or winner is getting a lot of critics in social medias wall considering his performance this season. But Saturday night game against Real Sociedad in La liga brings him back to proof still he is in good form. One of the outstanding Hat-trick from Ronaldo in La Liga this season. […]

Introduction of Rai Caste in Nepal

Rai caste is one of listed ethnic group of Nepal. According to National census of 2001 its population is 635,751. Rai people are mostly live in far Eastern part of Nepal. Densely Rai populated district of Nepal are: Khotang, Solukhumbu, Bhojpur, Udaypur, Okhaldhunga. Language: Rai people speak their own mother language ‘Rai’. It is the […]