How to send money Online at low cost

Today, many people are around the world working abroad to support their family members and to earn some money for future. So, how can you send money to your family? We have a lot of choices to send our money to our family. You can send by banks, money transfer agent and online money transfer services.

Well known money transfer in the world are Western Union, Money Gram, Ria and many more. You can send by online and also by agent from you near location with a big service charge. And you can send via online with very less commission by yourself using your debit/credit cards.

I recommend you to send by WorldRemit . WorldRemit give you a very good exchange rate. You can send small to big amount of money all around the world. I hope many of you are using service from it. If you have not experience it and you are new user than don’t forget to use promo code FREE. If you use this code you can send for free of your first transfer. After that they will charge you small service charge. I hope this will help you to save your hard earned money.

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