One story of my life and it is true

My name is Arjun. I was born in 1986 in Solukhumbu district far eastern part of Nepal. Now I am in Poland and I am writing my story from Warsaw, Poland. I want to tell my story from my childhood.

I spent my childhood in one of the poor family in my village. We had food to eat but there were always lack of cash to send us in good school. My parents never saw school and college however my father can read and write. He is not graduated but always encouraged us to go to school.

I started to go to school at the age of six. My first school was 15 minute far from my house by walking. I finished my primary level school from there. There was not secondary level school in my village. So, I had to go to another school for my study. I joined next school. That was 2 hours far from my house by walking. In my village still there is no transportation. We have to walk all the time.

It was not possible to come and get back to my home in the same day after my school. So, my father decided to rent a small room nearby school. I had to go to home in the weekend to bring foods to manage for the whole week. My mother used to give me some rupees for my pocket money. She had no money. She used to sell eggs and grain to collect pocket money for me. We could not make more money because we had nothing to sell and trade. In the school hardly I managed to continue my school. My parents always worked hard to send me school.

We had Nepali medium school but we had to study one compulsory English book. So, we had chance to learn English language. However, I was poor in English in my school but I never failed in English.

In the school time I had no such a dream to do something in my life. I went school because my parents and relatives always inspired to me to go to school. I had a dream in my school time to travel Kathmandu. If I  could pass my school level, I would get a chance to study in Kathmandu. I had strong desire to see city.

I passed my School level from there and also I got chance to study in Kathmandu. My parents cried a lot when I left my home to go to Kathmandu. I visit only 3 times to my parents after that. We have now mobile phone in my village so we speak sometimes.

In Kathmandu there were my elder brothers. They decided to send me another place for my study where my elder sister lives. This place is 300 km away from Kathmandu. I studied hard there and also joined English language institute. I got chance to learn some English grammar from there. In the mean time I tried to be British Gurkhas. I wanted to help my parents to improve our financial condition. I had a desire to get rid of my parents from their hard work in the field all the time. But Bad luck I could not be selected there.

I passed my intermediate from there and again I came back to Kathamandu for my Bachelor. We had no improvement in our financial condition. So, I decided to work. I got job in one trekking office. There I could work and I could attend my classes as well. I worked there for 2 and half years. After completing my Bachelor I decided to involve in trekking. I looked for trekking job. And finally I got assistant guide for Everest Trek. In that trek I had hope to improve my English but trekking group were French. I got chance to learn French instead of English. Still they are my friend and in my contact as well. I love trekking very much. I have a dream to do something in tourism in the future. I like to talk with new people and exchange knowledge very much. Meantime I became a trekking guide especially for Everest Trekking. After that I decided to join my masters in Sociology. But, It was very hard to continue my study. I had responsibility to help my parents and I had to manage myself for my study. So, I decided to go to abroad. Where, I could make good money.

In the meantime I saw an advertisement in the newspaper and I decided t apply as a student in Poland. I got visa as well. But I had no money to pay college fees and ticket. I decided to borrow with friends and relatives. I borrowed 7000 Euro in total.

Finally I landed in Poland. I saw nothing what I thought in Nepal. Now I spent my 7 months here and Still 1 year more time to visit. Now, my friends are asking their money back. But I have no proper job to pay back their money. I am in big problem. How I have to manage. Again after few months later I have to pay for my college 2800 Euro. I want to complete my study at any

In one hand I am in trouble and on the other hand I am not able to help my parents. What they will think about me?

How to solve this problem? I have no more ideas now. I am losing my balance.
If you were in this situation, what would you do? Do you have any idea to come out from this situation? Please help me to come out from this situation. Please!

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