TU: M.A. Question model (sociology)

SA: 532 (Theoretical Perspectives in Anthropology)

Full Marks: 100

Attempt any THREE questions from Group ‘A’ and FOUR from Group ‘B’.

Group “A”

Long Answer Questions 30×20=60

  1. Explain the relation between political and economic dominance and the forms of knowledge production in relation to the debates on the anthropology of colonialism. Use your readings to support your arguments.
  2. Write a short essay or, the development of anthropology in Nepal. In doing this, critically locate the anthropology of Nepal in the contexts of theoretical development, crisis and shifts in anthropology in general.
  3. M.Z. Rosaldo makes a critical argument that existing feminist interpretive frameworks arise out of particular epistemology based on Victorian gender ideology. How has she focused on he limitation and biases that have been introduced into the feminist interpretive frameworks? Discuss.
  4. How does Levi-Strauss view structural analysis? Discuss his theory of structuralism and his ideas on the structure of myth with reference to the story of Asdiwal.

Group “B”

Short Answer Questions

  1. Explain the context for Tylor’s “Science of Culture”. Assess the model and methods he uses to talk about cultural variability.
  2. What do you understand by ‘moral economies’? What reasons does Shalins provide to make a point that hunter-gatherers are the original affluent society?
  3. Trace the intellectual influences of Mead. Critically examine her major work and it contributions to the culture and personality approach in anthropology.
  4. In “Symbols in Nedmbu Ritual”, bow does Victor Turner outline the basic properties of symbols? Note how he differentiates his method of symbolic analysis with psychoanalytic thought?
  5. How does Michel Foucault present his analysis on capillary power and governmentality? Discuss his intellectual influences in anthropology
  6. Write short notes on any TWO of tie followings:
    1. Post-structuralism in anthropology
    2. Steward’s methods of cultural ecology
    3. C. Pan-Egyptian theory of diffusion
    4. Structural-functionalism

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