Successful beginning of the Unification Campaign Of Prithivi Narayan Shah

With the advice of senior mother Chandraprabha and the co-operation of the people Prithvi Narayan Shah, after the improvement of circumstances, planned to attack Nuwakot for the second time. On 25 September 1744 A.D. night in the guise of farmers, he sent his army to Nuwakot and crossed the Trishuli river. THe governor of Nuwakot Jayanta Rana had gone to Kathmandu to ask for help. Sankhamani, the deputy governor of Nuwakot had to face Gorkhali attack on September 1744 from two sides and was killed by Dalamardan Shah. Gorkha captured Nuwakot. But Jayanta Rana, the governor, Had arrived Belkot across Nuwakot. Prithvi Narayan Shah sent a message to accept the responsibility of Gorkhali Sergeant, but Rana denied it. Jayanta Rana come back to Belkot and was noticed the attack and knew the killing of his son. Gorkhali requested him to join in the side of Gorkha but he did not agree. SO Prithvi Narayan SHah attacked Belkot and Jayanta Rana also was captured and killed.

The trade rule to Tibet came under Gorkha with the fertile land of Nuwakot. This conquest enhanced the power and wealth of Gorkha. The uncultivated fertile land was distributed to the Gorkhali warriors. This conquest encouraged the Gorkhali warriors.

First attack on Kirtipur

After the conquest of Nuwakot, Prithiwi Narayan Shah started to conquer the eastern territory of Kantipur like Sankhu, Changu, Naldum and Mahadev Pokhari up to Dolakha. These territories were given to Bhadgaun as a reward on the basis of previous treaty. But some time Kantipur took over these territories. The Malla rulers of the Valley were well aware of the plan of Gorkha. To check Gorkha, Jayaprakash Malla, the king of Kantipur, asked for help from Patan and Bhadgaun. There was a unified front of the Valley against Gorkha under the leadership of Jayaprakash Malla. On 1757 May Gorkhali troops attacked Kirtipur but were defeated by the unified force of the Valley. Kalu Pande was killed and Prithive Narayan Shah’s life was also in danger at that time. He went to Nuwakot and his troops were placed at Dahachok.

The military strength was not sufficient to conquer the Valley. It was necessary to deal diplamatically. So, Prithivi Narayan Shah launched the economic blockade against the valley. The Valley lacked oil, clothes, salt, sugar and other daily using commodities. Kathmandu felt crisis of the lack of essential materials due to the embargo. By the strategy and diplomacy the unification of Nepal had been completed.

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