Photo’s of Dream Garden in Kathmandu

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Main Achievements of Rana Regime

The higher ranks of the state were captured by the Ranas. No ordinary people could get higher ranks either in civil or military protocol. The king was only a titular head of the state. However, there were some achievements during the Rana regime. Administrative achievementsOffices like law, council, revenue were established. Postal office, foreign office, […]

Nepal Share Market And Bank Bonus For this Fiscal Year

Fiscal Year 2067/68 Dividend From Nepali Bank and Finance Nepal Investment Bank LTD25% Cash and 25% Bonus Share NIC Bank20% Cash Bank of Asia Nepal7.37 % Cash Lumbini Bank10% Bonus Share Laxmi Bank15% Cash Bank of Kathmandu Ltd.18% Bonus Share and 16.75% Cash Everest Bank Ltd.10% Bonus Share and 50 Cash Citizen International 8.93% Cash […]

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