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There are many online jobs training center in Nepal. They provide you training for online job. Trainings are basically runs for 10-15 days. They charge your Rupees 2000. Your training period will be one hour and shift as you requested. Training center basically teach about google Adsense. Some training center these days has begun Lijit, Infolink, adbrite ad. Mostly there is a trend of Google Adsense. Most important thing is that your earning may not be what they say exactly. To take your money they say 10 or 15 times more than you exactly earn. They give ad in daily newspaper to attract the people. They say you can earn $500 per week but this is never possible. You can earn if you do hard work up to $50 dollar per month. But you get your payment just after $100. So you need at least 2 months to receive you payment.

What they teach in training class?

1. First they will teach you to create gmail account
2. They guide you to create blog
3. To create your site
4. Articles writing and posting
5. Submit your site in search engine
6. Apply for Google Adsense
7. Ad setup (after approving ad)
8. Putting counter in your page
9. Click exchange

This way your training will be finish.

How you Earn?

After creating your website you apply for the ad in your blog or site. If your blog or site is OK Ad provider approved your blog or site for ad. Then in your site ad will appear and when the visitors come to your site and if they click and read your published ad you earn. This is Pay Per Click. They pay you each click by your visitor. If your site has good traffic more earning if less earning is also less. So you must have strong articles and correct information.

Some Ad provider for your site…….

1. Google Adsense – It is pay per click ad provider company. Every body knows about google. They provide ad for your site or blog and when visitors come and click published ad you will earn. You get relevant ad for your site so there are many chances to click your ad. Like this; each click you earn. When you get $100 in you account they send you cheque in your given address.

2. Lijit – Lijit will replace Lijit search bar in your site. And if visitors search from that something and there will appear ad above the search result and if click there you get 10 cent per click. When your accumulate amount reach to $25 they send your payment by PayPal.

3. Infolink – Infolink ad is text line ad. If you put infolink text ad ad there will be appear double underline in your text. When visitors come and click there you will earn. But it is very less payment. Your minimum threshold payment is $50 for PayPal and $400 for ATM. Your payment will be send as your choice.

4. Adbrite – Adbrite is also pay per click ad. They will provide you banner, inline, and full page ad. They pay you each click by your visitor. You can get your payment when your account reaches to $5. If you like to receive more than $5 you have option to choose. This is very easy to get payment of $100 because it will easy to exchange your amount in your local area. You can get your payment by paypal or cheque as your request.

5. BigExtraCash –

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Good luck! . (Your Boss is yourself!)

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