My online job experience

I am engaged since 2009 with Online Money Making Sites.

But still not getting any payment. Main problem in Nepal is that here is not paypal service to receive money. Just cheque is possible here to get paid or Money Transfer is also another option.

Google is my favorite money making site. It is really reliable. In Nepal, Google send their payment through Western Union Money Transfer. Before this system Cheque was only single way to receive money for the Adsense Publisher. Here in Nepal, Post Box is not so reliable. It does not come on time. It takes so long time to arrive here. More than 1 month and sometimes it does not come. So, Cheque was not so good to receive money.

I started to get Adsense account from 2009 September. But my account just approved in 2010. It took 1 year for approving my account. I worked very hard and wrote some more articles. I made my blog strong and re-apply for adsense account and finally in 2010 it approved. Since then, I am working with this site and making money. Up to now, $200 is in my account and I get very soon my payment through western union in Nepal.

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  1. Hi Arjun..Can you help me about the problem related to adsense. I had tried many times to sign bt it gives this msg..


    Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after
    reviewing your application, we're unable to accept you into AdSense at
    this time.

    We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.


    Contact address incorrect, incomplete or not provided.

    How can i solve the problem. Pls help me. My email id is

  2. Hello Santosh Shah,

    I am really happy for your comment. I read your full comment and in your reply I am posting this information about Google as I know from Nepal.

    I applied for Google adsense from September 2009 but it approved in May 2010. Why my account was not approved fast? Yes! Now I have a lot answer related with this. But all these answer is in my view and you many get more information about from other if it is possible.

    1. You must have original content (No copied from other site)
    2. You must have good traffic (If you have good traffic in your site then strong chance to be approved)
    3. Your site must have submitted in popular search engine including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask (For that go to Google and type free web submission. And you get result and click all result from page 1 and 2. And submit your site.
    4. Your site must not be porn content.
    5. You must have correct personal information.
    6. Keep in mind this. Please write correct spelling, when you write your payee name. If your spelling is mistake then your payee name can not be changed from Nepal. Some times it can be considered if you have single mistake in your spelling. But it is not sure. So, make sure about spelling that is correct.

    If you have any more question then please post your comment in my site. I can help you. If you found this information useful then please write comment.

    Thank you

    My site is this to get your comment here.

  3. Thanks arjun for your kind reply and nice information.

    I still have one question.

    While filling up the form it ask our address:

    Like :

    Address Line 1:
    Zip or Postal Code:

    And My address is:
    Godawari, Lalitpur, Bagmati

    And in Zip or Postal Code what i have to fill up.

    I am confused in filling up these contact address.

    Pls help me

  4. Hello Santosh,

    In your reply I am posting this answer. You can fill form like this:

    Address Line 1: Godawari
    City: Lalitpur
    State: Bagmati
    Zip or Postal Code: Here your PO BOX Number (If you don't have your own PO BOX then you can put your friends' or relatives' PO BOX Number.They will send you your PIN number in this address. For that PO BOX is important to receive your PIN Number. They send you PIN number when your account cross $10. You will be paid Only after you enter the PIN number in your account.

    You can get your payment from Western Union Money Transfer in Nepal. It is very safe for Nepali Adsense Publisher. So, Select Western Union Money Transfer in your payment method.

    If more question then please comment here. I will help you as I can.


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