Military Strengthening and Financial Crisis

After the unsuccessful campaign of Nuwakot, Prithvi Narayan Shah gained many practical experiences and felt the need of well-equipped army. For the first time he accepted his mistake of attacking Nuwakot without military preparations. He attempted to well-equip his army but Gorkha was not powerful in economy in comparison to Chaubises. Therefore he needed money so, requested all people of Gorkha including his tailor Bise Nagarchi to acquire arms and ammunitions. All the 12000 Gorkhalis helped him in cash and kind. After this, he planned to visit Banaras in the pretension of pilgrimages and collected necessary arms.

Coming back from Vanaras he also took four craftsmen to make arms and weapons and train the Gorkhali army. Accorking to the will of the people he made Kalu Pande, Kazi of Gorkha. He also reformed the administration of Gorkha. He managed to provide “Marawata” to raise the courage of army. After all preparation, he planned to attack Nuwakot.

Obstruction made by Chaubisi and friendship with other states

At Banaras Prithvi Narayan Shah established friendly relations with the king of Jajarkot. He met Mukunda Sen of Palpa at Butwal. Lamjung was the main opponent of Gorkha to advance the east. So he sent Kaji Kalu Pande to Ripumardan Shah, king of Lamjung and made this agreement. If Gorkha advanced to the east of Lamjung it had to remain neutral and if Lamjung attacked Chaubisi Gorkha would help them. After the treaty with Lamjung, he sent agents to Janahun, Kaski, Palpa and Bhaktapur to extend friendship. If Gorkha attacked Kantipur, Bhaktapur would remain neutral and Gorkha would provide Sankhu and Changu in return to Bhaktapur. That condition was agreed by bloth sides. The diplomatic steps of Prithvi Narayan Shah helped military preparation to unify Nepal. Thus, Gorkha was safe from all sides to advance towards Nuwakot.

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