Kiranti Kings

The Kirantas settled in deferent places of Nepal, especially in the eastern Himalayas in the seventh century B.C. They were brave. They attacked Kathmandu during the reign of King Bhuwan Singh and defeated him. They founded the Kiranti rule in the Kathmandu valley. Yalambar was the first Kiranti king. The seventh Kiranti king, Jitedasti and the fourteenth king, Sthunko were very famous. During the rule of Jitedasti, Gautam Buddha viseted Nepal. During the rule of Indian Emperor Ashok visited Kathmandu.

About 32 kings of Kirant dynasty continued their rule in the valley. During that period, Nepal made great progress. Trade and industry developed. Wool, wood and herbs were sent from Nepal to other countries. Nepali blankets were very famous in Pataliputra (Patna). Kautilya, an Indian economist, has written this. The laws were very strict. There were justice courts in the country. The Kirantas worshiped Kiranteshwar Mahadev, serpents and trees. They made stupas and chaityas. They had their own culture. THey made several settlements like Matatirtha Shandhmul, Thankot, Khopung, Kurpasi, Sanga, Tenkhu etc. These settlement still exist with a little change in their names.

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