Japanese Language Learning in Nepal

Many people of Nepal learn Japanese Language for different purposes. Japanese is one of the most attractive country for Nepali for the working place and study.

Nepal skilled worker are demanded from the Japanese company legally from the recent year. Most of the workers there engaged in agriculture, machinery work, botcher and many more places. Salary is more times higher than the Nepali workers get in the Gulf countries. They are highly reputed in the Nepali society too.

In the very recent years Japan is one4 of the most attractive education destination to get Japanese degree. There are chances of working while studying there. With the intention of working Nepali student apply for the student visa. There are certain time is given for the student for working in Japan.

For all Japanese language language is compulsory to learn in Nepal. Students or workers both need good commanding in Japanese language while they apply for the visa. If no language skill then highly visa rejection of visa chances. Good language skill high visa chances.

In Nepal lots of Japanese language institute provides Japanese language classes with various fees. Generally fees are 1500 to 2000 rupees per month. Some institute provides native Japanese teacher for the students and most of the institutes hires Nepali Japanese teacher. Time can be managed in favor of students; morning, days and evening.

learning Japanese language is much easier for the Nepali people than the learning European language. The grammar Nepali language and Japanese language is normally same. Khanji (Chinese character) is much more difficult for the student. It is not for only Nepali even for the Japanese too. It is Chinese character and came from Chinese language. It is symbol and it has meaning every symbol. This is long and continues learning process. Other two character Hiragana and Khatagana is more easy. Student can learn within 15 days both character if labor is hard.

Many of the Japanese Trekking Company in Nepal can hired skilled Japanese language manpower and some the skilled can be4 placed in Language institution. In Nepal skilled Japanese language manpower has good market.


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