Introduction of Sherpa Caste

Sherpa caste is World famous Himalayan caste and one of the listed major ethnic group of Nepal. Sherpa people are very famous for mountain climbing. Sherpa is like a brand in the Mountaineering Sector in the world. The world famous mountaineer from the Sherpa caste is: Tenzing Norge Sherpa (words first Mt. Everest submitter), Appa Sherpa (World record 21 times climber in the Mt. Everest), Babu Chhiri Sherpa, Angrita Sherpa, Pamba Sherpa. According to Nepal National census of 2001 its population is 154,622. The settlement of Sherpa caste is mostly in surrounding of mountain region. Like; Solukhumbu, Sankhuwasabaha, Ramechap, Taplejung, Dolakha, Okhaldhunga etc. Among them Khumbu Region is the world famous place of the Sherpa caste for their language, custom, culture and entire way of life.


Sherpa people speak their own mother language ‘Sherpa’. Sherpa language is based on Bhot-Barmeli language. They also speak Nepali (National Language of Nepal) and educated Sherpa people speak excellent English.


Sherpa people follow Bouddha religion. Mostly the Sherpa people feel proud to say Buddhist to them. They go to Gumba (Buddhist Monastery) and pray to their God Buddha. They follow the Buddhist customs in their social activities. They invite to Lama in their birth ceremony and cremation. Lamas give name to new birth child according to their religious book.


Lhosar is main festival of Sherpa people. In the Sherpa Language ‘Lho’ means Year and ‘sar’ means New. According to terminology Lhochhar means ‘New Year’. Sherpa people celebrate this festival around one month. This festival falls in month of Falgun (February). They celebrate this festival gathering and dancing and prying for the peace of the all the creatures of the world. In the occasion of this festival they make tasty food and they eat in group. They see their relatives and friends in this time. However, Sherpa people celebrate many more other festivals. Like; Manirindu.


Sherpa peoples’ main occupation is Mountaineering and Trekking (Tourism and Hotel). But these days divers occupation they follow. Most of the Sherpa young are involve in Tourism Industry. Some people follow business, official job, and go to abroad employment.

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