Many of the students from Nepal are interested for abroad study, to the most developed countries like; USA, UK, Australia, New Zeeland, Denmark, Germany etc. They need to have good commanding in English to enroll in Foreign Universities. To proof their English Understanding IELTS is major tool to measure. Except USA, most of the English speaking countries’ university accepts IELTS score to enroll the students from non-English speaking country.

In Nepal, IELTS is jointly owned British Council and IDP: IELTS Australia Test Center Planet EDU. Student can take examination date in their favor time. Exam center publishes the examination date serially in the different date. Students have to fix the exam date before 15 days.


British Council, Education consultancy and tuition center provides the IELTS preparation class in Nepal. Fees are varies, they charge Rs. 4,000 to 12,000. The charge is depends on the facility they provide.

Preparation is the must to get good score in examination. Writing, Reading, Listening and speaking all carries equal 9 point. So, all are important. Score as your best. If one is best and one is worst is the situation very poor. All in average or best in all is very good score examiner get.


Examination charge is Rs 12000/-

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  1. i am planning to take my exam at 17 december but due to the occurence of christmas and new year will there be any kind of delay in my result as per the rule result is supposed to get published after 13 days

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