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There are four Test in IELTS (International English Language Testing System). IELTS is most important test for the people who wants to study or migrate in English Speaking country. Like; USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, NEW ZELAND.

1. Writing Test:

Time: 60 minute (Score: 9)

  1. In writing test there are 2 task:

I. Essay writing: (Score: 5.4)

II. Report writing: (Score: 3.6)

I. Essay writing: Task-1

In this task you have to write an essay minimum of 250 words.

In essay writing there are 3 steps:




In introduction there are three factors to consider while writing an essay. It should be short, satisfactory and informative.

In introduction part, you should focus on:

1. Start your writing from the given topic

Do not copy given topic as it is

Re-state the given topic in your own language

Change the words write synonyms (For re-stating can write in passive form)

-While re-stating do not go out of topic

2. Focus: (1 sentence and positive attitude)

I agree to the given statement ……….

I strongly believe that……….

I support to the opinion that

I disagree to the given statement………

I oppose to the opinion that…..

However, I believe…….

In my opinion…..

3. Supporting sentences (1 or 2 sentence)

Give your opinion about the topic

Proverbs (optional)

In body Part (2/3 paragraph)

Each paragraph 6/7 lines are enough. And focus on:

Explanation (advantages/disadvantages/both)

Example ( you need proof and evidence)

Extra detail (Specific knowledge)

In conclusion Part:

(1 paragraph within 2 to 3 sentence)

To conclude, …

In conclusion, …

To sum up, …

Finally, …

From above discussion and arguments it is clear that …

Now you have complete essay.

What to do while writing an essay:

Use vocabulary signals

Use introducing words:

The first point is …

The second point is …

The Third point is …

Use linkers: Linkers are:(However, furthermore, moreover, similarly, in fact, on the first hand, in the same way, tin another word, nonetheless, nevertheless, likewise, in this case, last but not the least)

Use conjunctions: Conjunctions are: not only but also, either or, neither nor, although, even though, in spite of, despite, as soon as.

What not to do while writing an essay.

Avoid the using of slang words ( like : u, r, m- here write complete word, you, are, am)

Avoid the using of words ( etc., &, i.e., Ex; )

Do not complete your sentence with so on, that’s it, that’s all

Avoid the using of the words: thing, something, many thing

Avoid the using of contracted words: Can’t (×)- Can not (Ö), Don’t(×)-do not (Ö)

Avoid the using of- :!, ?, :

II. Report Writing: Task -2

In this task you should write minimum 150 words. Here preposition, articles, data are also counted.

Object Oriented

-Flow chart

– Map

Data Oriented

– Table

– Bar-Chart

– Pie- Chart

– Graph

In report writing there are 3 steps:

1. Introduction

2. Body

3. Conclusion

In introduction part there are 3 factors:

-use reference structure

-Write caption (copy as it is) –can restate

-if caption is not given in figure than take information from the figure

-division of information

Body (write 2/3 paragraph)

-5/6 lines each paragraph

-presentation of statically data

-what is about the figure just present that only

-data presentation and analysis

Two types of figure

-fixed date figure: no date or single date

Change over time (more than one date)

Fixed date figure

Data presentation

-date present column wise

-for data presentation follow ascending or descending order

-date present for each variable (group) separately

-make report individually for each


-row wise (other group) compare to other

-analysis which group data has been presented

-for analysis use the words maximum, minimum, high/low, small/large, more/less


-present total number of data

-follow ascending or descending order

Note: data present in number

-numerical (10)

-not words (ten)

-up to 5 digit write in number

Object Oriented

-flow chart


Flow chart

-explain the objects which are given in figure

-for explanation follow the direction which are given in figure

-use passive form


-fixed date

-changeover time

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