Girls trafficking in Thamel and Nepal

Thamel is famous tourist destination of Nepal.However, Thamel is also the prostitution area in the kathmandu valley. About 99% tourists visit the Thamel when they come in Nepal.

It has very small but very famous area with the couple of rows of houses. It is always attractive with the colorful Bazaar. In the evening it seems more beautiful than the day or morning because the various color of light lit the Thamel in the evening. It is really beautiful market and tourist destination of Nepal. Trekkers and mountaineers buy the gears from the shop of Thamel. For all kinds of trekking and mountaineering gears are easily available in the Thamel.

But, these days it is shamefully going to turn into prostitution area. Some of the bad people operate putting the board ‘MASSAGE’ and brings the girls from the villages persuading to provide them good job in the city. About 95% of them are uneducated and deprived from the school education. Cause of the poverty their parents allow to go in the city to make money. Then, they can survive with that money. But the bad intended person pushes them to hell persuading or forcefully involved in the prostitution.

In the passed decades, Nepali women/girls were trafficking in Mombay(India) was the great problem in the Nepali society. Many parents lost their daughters hoping good future of their daughter. But, from the recent years woman/girl trafficking in India is slightly decreasing.

But in the recent years women/girls trafficking occurred within the society of Nepal. And the main prostitution markets are small and big cities of Nepal. Recent days police checking is increasing in the prostituted area. But problem is not solved yet.

Like a Thamel, out of the valley there are also increasing numbers of prostituted cities. One of them Pokhara is also the known prostituted city and there is also effective operation is running from the police and the prostitution activities are dramatically decreasing.

In the small and big cities of the Nepal are the most challenging prostitution problem for the Nepali society. It is the main challenge is that where will lead our society such a wrong activities like prostitution?

It is the most notable point is that Nepal government most interfere and stop such a negative activities in the society. Only the government can prevent from this problem to our society. Government should show the way to survive who are involved in the prostitution knowingly or unknowingly.

Most of the research shows that the women/girls who involved in prostitution their life never ended in the good ways. Their life ended very painfully and pitifully. So we have to make aware people not to involve in the prostitution even they do not have enough food to eat. But, patiently and hopefully wait for the good days of the future. Always God is with us, who are in the right way. So, never go to hell. Never and Never!

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  1. We live in a country where rural citizens are deprived from basic commodities and education. This leads to poverty. As you said, government is the major game changer where we average citizens also need to co-operate. Things are easier said than done. Let's hope for the best.

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