General Introduction to Ethnic Groups of Nepal

There are 61 identified and listing different ethnic groups in Nepal. It is under identify more than 45 ethnic groups in Nepal. Ethnic groups cover more than 38 percent population of Nepal. Nepal ethnic groups are very rich of culture and languages. They have many festivals languages and cultural heritage. There are more than 70 different languages are spoken. Bhot-Bormeli language is based of their language.

Here is given 62 identified ethnic groups of Nepal. These are :

1. Magar
2. Tharu
3. Tamang
4. Newar
5. Gurung
6. Rai
7. Limbu
8. Sherpa
9. Thakali
10. Bhote
11. Dolpo
12. Lhomi
13. Larke
14. Liyar
15. Mugali
16. Bara Gaunle
17. Mange
18. Walung
19. Thudam
20. Tangwe
21. Topke Gola
22. Marphali
23. Thintan
24. Chintan
25. Syangtan
26. Chhairotan
27. Byasi
28. Bote
29. Danuwar
30. Kumal
31. Darai
32. Majhi
33. Raji
34. Raute
35. Chepang
36. Jirel
37. Lepcha
38. Sunuwar
39. Thami
40. Dura
41. Hayu
42. Chhantyal
43. Hyolmo
44. Pahari
45. Bhujel
46. Baramo
47. Surel
48. Kusunda
49. Phree
50. Kuswadiya
51. Bankariya
52. Dhanuk
53. Dhimal
54. Gangai
55. Rajbamsi
56. Meche
57. Kisan
58. Satar
59. Tajpuriya
60. Jhankad
61. Lhopa
62. Rajbamsi

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