EPS-KLT Result 2011 published

It is the most recent and latest news for the EPS-KLT examiner is that the result of EPS-KLT result 2011 has been published today on 6 Bhadra, 2068 (23 August 2011). It is also the important news for the examiner Korea has taken 15,298 examiner from this exam and selected candidate will be put in the list.

In 2011 there were appeared more than 50,000 examiner in the eps exam. Among them only 15,298 examiner have been selected on the basis of high scorer in the examination.

It was the news EPS-KLT Result 2011 could be published on the date of 2068/4/27 B.S. (August.12.2011). But, until the day of 2068/4/28 result has not been published. The official website for EPS www.epsnepal.gov.np is not opening properly its program in the computer. Sometimes it opens properly, sometimes not. It may have its programing problem. If the result can not be published today, then it can be published within 1-2 days. So, Please keep checking this Site. http://www.historynepal.com

As I know Result of EPS-KLT 2011 (Employment Permit System-Korean Language Test)will be published on 6 Bhadra (August 23). If some body knows more about it please post a comment.

This time EPS-KLT exam for 2011 is over on Shrawan 6 and 7 (July 22 and 23). There were more than 56 thousand applicant and there appeared more than 50 thousand applicant in examination for 7100 vacancy in South Korea. Where as there were only 41 thousand applicants were last year. This time there were very strong competition among the examiner than the past years.

South Korean is one of the best labor market for Nepali worker. There is normally 3 or 4 times more salary than the Gulf countries. So, thousands of Nepali young are attracted with the South Korean Labor Market.

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To be appeared in EPS-KLT exam applicant have to pay $26, this was only $17 in last year. And if the candidate is selected in the test than around 60000 have to spent to reach in South Korea. Worker have to word minimum 12 hours (that is basic working hour). If worker work more than that, that is counted as over time and earn more. According to my on friend in South Korea. He is earning 60-70 thousand per month there. And he works in garment.


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  1. Press in your keyboard : ctrl+f and then appears Find Bar at the end of the page and put the your symbol number or name and if your name is there it shows green. Like this you can check your result.

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