DV Lottery result 2012 published in Nepal with historynepal.com

Canceled DV Lottery result will be published again on 15 July 2011. This time selected candidates will not be mailed like the past years. Candidates can check their result with this official site http://www.dvlottery.state.gov. There is the link Entrance Status Check, there type the Confirmation code that you got when you applied.

From the official website of D.V. lottery it is informed that the result of D.V. LOTTERY 2012 is canceled due to a computer programming problem. It is informed that from the website it was not the fair and random selection cause of technical problem. The selected candidate for the 2012 is not valid for this time but the conformation number is still valid. And again they can check their result when the result published again. The result will again be published July 15 2011. All the valid entries can check with the same conformation number they are selected or not.

Remember that the D.V. LOTTERY 2012 program is not canceled!

You don’t need to submit your new application again. The candidates submitted during October 5 to November 3, 2010 are valid and will all be entries in the next lottery.

Some people they had selected in the previous selection are not valid any more now. They have to wait for the next result again. Many people selected are may be shocked and unhappy because they might be selected next time or not, it is not sure.

From Nepal million of people apply for the EDV. But the very less people get the lottery. To apply candidate must have minimum +2 level passed or equivalent. No age bar to apply. If the candidate is married then there have to mention when apply.


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