Continuity of Unification Campaign In the Duration of Prithvi Narayan Shah

Conquest of Makawanpur

Makawanpur was helping the Valley by exporting necessary commodities against the policy of Gorkha. So it was necessary to conquer Makawanpur. Digbandhan Sen, the king of Makawanpur, had various economic accesses. Prithvi Narayan Shah demanded the Naulakha har and one tusked elephant and various valuable things from the king of Makawanpur. In 1762 Gorkhali troops attacked Makawanpur and conquered it. King Disgbandhan with his minister fled to Indea and asked for help with Meerkassim, the Nawab of Bengal. In 1763 Gorging Khan came with his Bengali army, but they were surrounded by the Workaholic army. The troops of Gorkha captured arms of the Muslims in the war and the territory of Makawanpur, Bara, Parsa, Sarlahi and Mahottari came under Gorkha. Then the Gorkhalis captured Dhulikhel, Panauti, Nala and Banepa and strengthened the economic blockade.

Second unsuccessful attack on Kirtipur

Due to economic blockade, the condition of Kathmandu Valley was critical. In 1767 Gorkha made an attack over Kirtipur for the second time. But Gorkhali troop could not capture it. Surapratap Shah, the brother of Prithivi Narayan Shah lost his right eye during the battle. Gorkha had to face economic and human loss in that war.

Conquest of Kirtipur

After a heavy loss of the second attack over Kirtipur, Prithvi Narayan Shah adopted a diplomatic strategy was to defeat Kirtipur. Gorkha captured Panga and Chobhar to cut off the contact of Kirtipur. Kirtipur was surrounded by the Gorkhas for six months. Water canal was also captured by the Gorkhas and this created a critical condition in Kirtipur. At last, in 1767 Kirtipur came under Gorkha.

Conquest of the Valley

On 13 Ashoj 1825 B.S. on the festival of Indrajatra, Gorkha attacked Kantipur. Patan surrendered on 24 Asoj 1825 B.S. and captured it. Bhadgaon was captured by Gorkha on Marga1, 1926

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