Attempts for the Unification of Nepal

The then Gorkha state possessed 12,000 warriors. Prithvi Narayan Shah mobilized the same human resource to initiate the unification of Nepal. On the eve of his coronation the Baisi, Chaubisi, Sen and Malla states were stronger and resourcefulo in comparison with the Gorkha State. At that time British rulers were trying to take hold of their control over India. They also had keen interest on Trans Himalaya trade to Tibet through Nepal. In such situation the unification of Nepal commenced according to the plans of Gorkha army and King Prithvi Narayan Shah.

First unsuccessful attempt to conpuer Nuwakot

On 25 Chaitra 1799 B.S. Prithvi Narayan Shah ascended the throne of Gorkha after the death of his father, Narabhupal Shah. Immediately after his accession the tried to invade Nuwakot, but he was defeated. Nuwakot was the main route of trade with Tibet. At that time Jayanta Rana was the Umarao (Governor) of Nuwakot. He was the commander of Gorkhali army when Narabhu Shah attacked Nuwakot but he was taken responsible for their defeat. So he went to Jayaprakash Malla, king of Kantipur from Gorkha Durbar to take refuge. Jayaprakash malla had made Jayanta Rana (Umarao) the chief of Nuwakot. Nuwakot was not only important from the commercial point of view but also it was the storage of grains. Due to this reason Gorkha wanted to invade Nuwakot but was unsuccessful in the first attempt. There were 50 muskets with Kantipur and there was none with Gorkha army.

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