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About my payee name change in Google Adsense from Nepal

When my account reached $109, I apply for my payment through western Union money transfer, but the days gone no payment number sent me by Google. Then, I was so confused why the payment is not making. And I tried to find out the reason. And finally, I found my payee name was not correct. In my payee name there was Arjun Kuman Tamang. But my correct name is Arjun Kumar Tamang. Immediately tried to change my payee name but the option was not there to change my payee name. I got information that if I want to change my payee name then I have to close my current account and I have to apply for new one. For that I had to lose all my money until this date that I earned that. Main point is that, there is not option to change payee name from Nepal.

But I did not want to do so. I tried to change my payee name in many ways using a lot of alternative ways. First, my friend was in Canada and I sent him email to change my payee name from there. But he could not do that I don’t know what problem he got there. And again I tried to change my payee name from South Korea, there was my friend and I sent him my email id and password. So, he could do that work from there. Again problem was not solved.

I posted my problem in Google Forum in that way:

There is miss spell in my payee name. My Correct name is Arjun Kumar Tamang but Unfortunately there is Arjun Kuman Tamang. So, How can I change my miss spell. There is just a 1 letter wrong. My payment is in hold and I am not getting my payment. I have worked very hard for my blog that is why I reached to the minimum payment threshold but not getting my payment.

I am from Nepal.

And Response was that: Its not possible to change a name in certain countries once an account is registered, and unfortunately this means closing the account and applying for a new one, however, I have flagged your query for an Adsense member of staff to consider given its a single letter that’s wrong. It may be possible, it may not be possible. This thread will either be updated by a Google employee or they may contact you by email.

Reply 2:

Hi arjunkumar,

I’ll send you an email about this, as I need more info.



And I got email from Robin with this the question blow:


I’ll work with you to update your payee name.

In order to initiate this process, please reply to this email and include
the answer to each of the following questions. This will help us ensure
the privacy and security of your AdSense account.

1 – Have you ever received an AdSense payment? If so, what was the amount
of your most recent payment?
2 – What was the first day you received a page impression?
3 – How many page impressions did you get on your first day?
4 – What’s your new payee name?

And I replied to all these questions correctly and my payee name updated.


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