Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TU: M.A. Question model (sociology)

SA 534: Social Institution

Full Marks: 100

Attempt any THREE questions from Group 'A' and FOUR from Group 'B'.

Group "A"

Long Answer Questions 30×20=60

  1. What is social and cultural change? Discuss the different factors of social and cultural change in Nepal.
  2. What is anthropology and sociology of senses? Describe the idea applied by Robery R. Dejarlais in understanding the human society.
  3. Define mode of production? How do you differentiate a feudal and a capitalistic mode of production?
  4. How does local life being influenced by global inequality and global stratification? Illustrate with suitable examples.

Group "B"

Short Answer Questions

  1. How do you differentiate a household from a family?
  2. What is institutionalization? How does institutionalization happen in group life?
  3. Religion is promoter of social morality and social cohesion. Substantiate or refute this argument based on Khaini's notion of religion.
  4. Which dimension of social stratifications is dominant wit-respect to Dalit-Non-Dalit relationship in Nepal today".
  5. Write an essay on nature nurture debate.
  6. Write short notes on any TWO of tie followings:
    1. History and biography
    2. Commercial market
    3. Descent group


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