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Introduction of Limbu Caste in Nepal

Limbu caste is one of listed indigenous ethnic group of Nepal. Limbu are physically Mangolian. Limbu are physically and culturally very similar to Rai caste of Nepal, Both Rai and Limbu also known as 'Kirant' in Nepal. According to National census of 2001 its population is around 359,379. Limbu people are mostly live in hilly and the Terai region of far Eastern part of Nepal. Densely Limbu populated district of Nepal are: Taplejung, Ilam, Terathum, Panchthar, Jhapa, Morang, Sunsari.


Limbu people speak their own mother language 'Limbu'. Limbu language has their own writing System (script) known as 'Kirt-Sirijonga Script'. The founder of Limbu writing is Iman Sing Chemjong. They also speak Nepali (National Language of Nepal) and educated Limbu people speak excellent English.


Limbu people follow their own religion 'Kirant'. Their religious activities are guided by Mundhum. They take Falgunanda as their founder of religion. But still in some of the Limbu community Hindu religion is in practice, knowingly or unknowingly. Mostly the Limbu people feel proud to say Kirant to them. In the most recent years there are also followers of Christian especially those who are living in the part of India.


Limbu people celebrate several festivals in deference season. Their main festival are: Chasok Tangnam, Kagphewa Tangnam, Yakwa Tangnam, Sisekwa Tangnam, Walihang Tangnam etc. However, Limbu people celebrate many more other festivals too. Like; Dhasain and Tihar (it is the main festival of Hindu), Chaite Dhasain, Saune Sankranti etc.


Limbu peoples' main occupation is agriculture. And also young Limbu try to be British Army (Gurkha). Most of the Young Limbu at least tries once to be selected in British army in their life. But these days they are engaged in different occupation. Like, teaching, public administrator. Some Limbu people follow business, official job, and go to abroad employment.

Sub-caste in Limbu:

There are more than 15 sub-castes in Limbu. These are the major sub-castes of Limbu; Nemwang, Sambahmphe, Tumbahamphe, Chemjong, Chomwang, Singak, Kandangwa etc.


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