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French Foreign Legion from Nepal

Many of the Nepali young are very interested to join in the legion in recent years from Nepal. They are ready to pay thousands of Euro to come up to Legion camp in France. Who are the over age for the British Gurkhas and India army. They are much interested to be a legionnaire.
In Nepal some stupid people say that it is very east to join in legion and salary is high. What is the fact they don’t care about it. What is there they don’t try to understand. They visit the website and legionnaire with the combat dress and they decide to be a legionnaire.
My friend legion is not like British or Indian army to join for Nepali Young. You are going too far from your country. You are spending too much money only to be in front of the legion camp. Okay! you are now in front of the legion camp. Then, What after?
Oh No! there I found one of the worst military selecting system in legion. They exploit your labour in the camp. You have to work for them without any money. They don’t care what quality you have. They treat you as if you have nothing and you are there only to fill up your stomach. They torture you mentally and physically without any reason.
In Nepal what we think about legion that not like here in legion. Legion is one of the good place for the people who have nothing in his life, he is in the eye of police, he has no family, his death in the legion make no problem for his family. But in Nepal we have family. We have land for rowing something. We can get job what ever the salary. We have a right to do the things that we want to do.
For Nepali young who are very eager to be legionnaire and spending thousands of Euro to be in front of legion camp think again once and try to understand well the fact here.
If you get a chance to visit France sometime okay then come and show in the legion if you are interested with that. But don’t make decision only to come and join in the legion. You must have at least two option in your mind. Okay. If you are selected in legion that is good. If not what?
Come and see the fact in the Paris what condition about Nepali. In 2010 there were high percentage of selecting chance for the candidates but in 2011 there is very less chance.
My suggestion is that for Nepali young don’t think only to be a legionnaire. Think widely try to understand fact. Your happiness in the legion. About your family after a legionnaire. Don’t see only the person with the combat what is inside the combat and gun. Life is not like as we think in Nepal.
You only care about salary that you see in the legion website. That is true they give you. That is good salary in the comparison of Nepal. But how much you save. It is very low salary in the France. That is basic salary it is very hard to save for your future.
At least seven lakh you spend to come to France. To cover that money you have to risk your life. After 5 years you can apply for the French citizen but what makes the sense with the French citizen. Again you have to work. Income and expense ratio is same.

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