Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How to creat blog and promote?

  1. Open site http://www.blogger.com in your Internet browser.
  2. Click the "CREATE A BLOG" button.
  3. On the following page youll be prompted to create a Google Account.
  4. Once youre done with Account, click the "Create a blog" link.
  5. Enter a Title for your blog:
  6. Enter Address (URL): Domain name
  7. Then type in the verification word and click "CONTINUE".
  8. On the next step choose a template, which you like most.
  9. Then click the "START BLOGGING" button.
  10. Click the "Compose" link to switch to text mode.
  11. In the Title box enter: Your blog related topic.
  12. Then write what you want to write about.
  13. Then you see there publish bottom and click there.
  14. Now your blog is ready.

    Now, the most important part, How to promote your blog and make money?

Go to google.com and search FREE WEB SUBMISSION. And open the found result and submit your blog in many search engine including google, yahoo, bing, ask...

Then you need to make your blog picked up by search engines.
  1. Open site http://pingomatic.com/ in your Internet browser.
  2. In the "Blog Name" box enter "Blog title"
  3. In the "Blog Home Page" box enter "blog name"
  4. Then in "Common Services" click "Check All" to have all services be selected.
  5. Then click the "Send Pings" button.
  6. Open site http://autopinger.com in your Internet browser.
  7. In the "Url" box enter "your blog url"
  8. Then click the "Start Ping" button.
  9. Open site http://www.pingmyblog.com in your Internet browser.
  10. In the "Blog Name" box enter "blog title"
  11. In the "Blog URL" box enter "http://www. ............................."
  12. Then click "Check All" to have all services be selected.
  13. Then click "I agree with Terms Of Service".
  14. Then click the "Ping MY Blog" button.
  15. Open site http://www.feedping.com in your Internet browser.
  16. In the "Blog / Site Name:" box enter "Blog title"
  17. In the "Blog / Site URL " box enter "http://www................blogspot.com"
  18. Then click "Check All" to have all services be selected.
  19. Then click "I agree to Terms of Service".
  20. Then click the "PING ONLY ONCE" button.
  21. Open site http://blogsearch.google.com/ping in your Internet browser.
  22. In the "Your blog's address:" box enter "http://Arjun Kumar-Tamang.blogspot.com"
  23. Then click the "Submit Blog" button.
  24. Open site http://pingler.com in your Internet browser.
  25. In the "Website Name or Title:" box enter "blog title"
  26. In the "Website Url:" box enter "http://...................blogspot.com"
  27. Then enter text in the captcha image in "Enter the Captcha Text" box.
  28. Then click the "Ping My Site" button.

Now visitors will read you blog.


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