Friday, July 31, 2015

History of Nepal (from past to present)

1. Definition :
History is the record of Past Event (Peoples' desires, efforts, achievements and failures).
  1. Pre-historical period:
Discovery of remains of elephant & rhinoceros (12 million years old) and Ramapithecus man (11 million years old) in western Nepal.
  1. Origin of Kathmandu Valley:
This was a lake in the pre-historical period, Longtime ago Mahatma Vippsaya Buddha came and chanted charms over a lotus and threw it into the lake. After six moth the lotus flowers and appeared as flame and become famous as SWAYAMBHUNATH.
  1. Beginning of Civilization:
Manjushri came from Maha China, Cut a passage through his sword, and make the Kathmandu valley habitable by draining out the water and went to worship Swoyambhu and founded a beautiful City Manjupattan. Manjushri appointed to his disciple DHARMAKARA the first king of valley.
  1. Historical Age:
In Dwapar age the Danasur started giving trouble and Krishna came to Nepal valley and killed all Danasur Dangerous. The cow herds who accompanied Krishna remained of Kathmandu valley. The cow Barhubi was giving milk in the forest near Bagmati. The sardar knows this information and excavate, later Pashupati Lingo is discovered. Later Ne sage appointed BHUKTAMAN to be the first king of this line Nepal valley at that age.
  1. The rulers of those period were as follows:
    1. First ruling dynasty-Gopal dynasty 8 kings ruled around 500 years.
    2. Second ruling dynasty-Mahisphal dynasty 3 king ruled around 150 years.
    3. Third ruling dynasty-Kirant dynasty 29-32 kings ruled around 1600 years.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Meri Bassai 28 July 2015

Meri Bassai is popular comedy TV program air on Nepal Television every Tuesday. This program has unique style of comedy where typical Nepalese village style is adopted. There are several comedian who entertain its audience with their own style of active. Dhurmus and Suntali are the key character after leaving the team by Magne Budha and Takme Budha. Dhurmus has several characters. Khadka Ji, Muskan Paasaa are the most liked by the audience. Not only this, he has tried many more roles before. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Former India President APJ Abdul Kalam Dies

APJ Abdul Kalam known as a 'missile man' of India died on Monday (27 July 2015) after collapsing while delivering lecture in Shilong.

Kalam traveled and inspired many student and young to follow their dreams after ended his presidential term.

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